US Presidential Election Result: Here’s How The Story Ends

How can I explain the energy, determination, focus and utter resolution the 2016 United States Presidential election presents? Two candidates, one message: Never give up!

It has become a timeless political drama, a story to be told for many generations to come and I’m glad to be alive to witness it. But how does the story end? What will the 8th of November 2016 deliver? I bet we all want to know.

But as we look at the end, the daily updates on this beautiful drama of wits and will of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton offer lessons of a life time:


Hillary Clinton faces a major challenge of becoming the first female President of the United States of America. The battle for gender equality has not known a better season than the 21st century. Besides the influential German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, who has been in power since November 2005, there are over 20 female Presidents and Prime Ministers in the world, including the recent UK Prime Minister, Theresa May. Hillary Clinton is facing not just a gender limitation in the US, but a revolution for one of the most influential nations in the world.

Donald Trump has been dubbed as a political illiterate having never held a political office. How he managed to beat the likes of former governors like Chris Christine and Jeb Bush (with his family’s political history) in the primaries remains a mystery. More so, the likes of Senators Rand Paul and Ted Cruz were less likely to crash out in the primaries. But this ‘green horn’ worn with a landslide victory.


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For a moment, the clamour to imprison Hillary over the email saga, seemed to dim her light as a potential candidate for the Democrats. In fact, the more the trials went on, the more Republicans like Trump found a soft spot to pitch his campaign, a campaign against a ‘corrupt’ Hillary. Well, that was not how the story ended. During the first presidential election debate, Trump challenged her as incompetent and not having the stamina to serve as president. Her response was epic. She said:

“Well, as soon as he travels to 112 countries and negotiates a peace deal, a ceasefire, a release of dissidents, an opening of new opportunities in nations around the world or even spends 11 hours testifying in front of a congressional committee, he can talk to me about stamina.”

Credit: Newswatch
Credit: Newswatch

It appears that Hillary’s successful comebacks have endeared her to so many, and so is Trump’s despite being dubbed as politically incorrect, an entertainer and racist.

When we thought we’d seen it all, a can of worms was opened. Trump’s 2005 video, where he talked about his propensity for grabbing women’s butts and kissing them as he saw Arianne Zucker surfaced. This led to a global outrage. But he apologised, washed it off as a ‘locker room talk’, dusted up and remained focused.

While this has not gone down well as outrageous criticisms on the media from different quarters have shown, many of his supporters have accepted his apology, admitting that it was in the past, and to his credit, he has apologized, which has endeared him more to them as an honest man.

In fact, in a TMZ  interview with Celebrity Apprentice alum and staunch Trump supporter Herschel Walker, he defends Trump’s actions as simply stupid and in the past. Like Jesus defending the woman caught in adultery (John 8:3-11), he argued that everyone has done stupid things and we don’t want to know what you did but what you’re doing now. This mindset is seen in the polls as Trump seems to be in the lead in the last couple of days despite the crisis.


On both sides of the divide, it is absolutely outrageous to watch the opposing campaign videos of both Hillary and Trump. In fact, they are made to detail showing reasons, backed up with strong pieces of evidence on why Hillary deserves to be in prison and why Trump is uncontrollably ill-mannered and a misogynist.

More so, Trump makes his own movies. We don’t need to gather videos from the past to hear him talk about women, extremism, and building walls. His tweets are phenomenal. He couldn’t even  hide his disgust for Hillary during the debates. His face and demeanour said it all: I HATE YOU!

Yet, they have die-hard supporters who are absolutely blind to the tons of evidences pointing towards the illegitimacy of their candidacy.

These supporters would rather accept to be wrong in the end than give up their love for them.

So I ask,

I’d say The Beauty of Passion.

There’s nothing ordinary with the passion both candidates have exhibited in the last one year. They’ve been hit by various storms.

They’ve been blackmailed, deserted, castigated and have been publicly ridiculed.

Yet, they’ve held on so far. In fact, the FBI’s recent revelations on Hillary’s new emails seem to be irrelevant, as Hillary remains undeterred and highly focused.

If words could kill, these candidates would have been dead by now.

But we learn in clear terms:

What people say about you, can’t stop you.
It is what you say and believe about yourself that will stop you.

Perhaps you’re waiting to see the end of this drama. I’ve already seen the end.

  • The end is not in who becomes the 45th US President. No!

  • The end is not in Trump’s disgraceful failure amidst many proud statements, or Hillary’s incarceration after many months of denial.

  • The end is in


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A couple of years from now, they would have moved on from here. They’d have lived their dreams and gotten us all caught up by this inferno.

Yet, behind the campaigns are these words on marble:






That’s the end.

Learn from these and fulfil your dreams. Break the limits. Face your fears and keep moving forward while the drama continues. 

Perhaps, you’ve seen more than I have. Let me know. I wish to share with you. However, feel free to share this and inspire someone today. You’re also welcome to SUBSCRIBE to receive emails on secrets to successful comebacks and other motivational materials we offer HERE

I wish you the very best. KEEP MOVING FORWARD!
~ Nnanna Uma.

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