Mosquitoes Don’t Give Up! Why Should You?

Have you ever witnessed the Mosquito dance? It’s an amazing experience. Such a little creature, yet, so professional. I’ve learnt a lot from them, which I’ll share shortly. They’re timeless lessons for a successful comeback.

Living and growing up in Nigeria leaves one with an experience with the Mosquito. I thought the lessons were geographical until I came to the UK. It’s not a Nigerian or African phenomenon. Mosquitoes are everywhere. I was so surprised when I saw my first Mosquito in the UK. I was like “you again!”

It didn’t end there.

By the end of spring, my wits came alive knowing the usual “vuuuu” sound at night. It was like reliving an experience. I remembered staying up at night to deal with these nasty fellows when my wife and I moved into a new apartment many years ago. You can hear me clapping almost throughout the night. By morning, the walls were all stained with blood.


Mosquitoes are one of humanities greatest enemies, notable for transmitting malaria, dengue, West Nile virus, yellow fever, the dreaded Zika fever and many other illnesses. With a combination of improved economic situations and regular implementation of control measures, these are practically extinct in the West and Europe. However, Mosquitoes are one of the wisest and most determined creatures  on earth.

My experiences, both in Nigeria and the UK have shown 4 major lessons from the Mosquito:

1. Mosquitoes Know Their Prey

It is no doubt that what a Mosquito craves is blood. While it feeds on the blood of other animals like cattles and monkeys, it’ll readily prefer human blood. That’s why it will spot you out amongst all other creatures.

While it has access to many other fluids, it thrives on blood and will spot out it’s prey many miles away.

2. Mosquitoes Can Travel the distance

Is it not striking to see a Mosquito move into a new territory just to feed? Yes, like most creatures, we go where the food is. But the Mosquito is not deterred by distance, size or boundaries.

It lives in settled water or damp environment. Yet, it’ll go where the food is. It doesn’t wait for food. It goes for it.

3. Mosquitoes Will Always Find A Way

As a little boy, I was fascinated watching mosquitoes either trying to come in through the Mosquito nets or window screens. In fact, there was a time I caught one and placed it in a transparent container. I watched it ‘test’ the little cracks to see if it could escape.


These guys are geniuses. They practically ‘buzz’ around the nets to find a hole. Given more time, your rather well secured bed will be undermined as they test each hole to gain access. And I’ve patiently watched one succeed.

4. Mosquitoes Only Quit At Death

In the video above are two mosquitoes in business. They’ve been sucking for a while as you can see how filled their ‘tanks’ are. Suddenly, tragedy struck. The prey turned into the predator, and killed one of them. You’ll notice how the surviving partner flew away. But within seconds, returned to business as usual.

These guys are not emotional, sentimental, discouraged or deterred by challenging circumstances.

They wake-up, dress-up, show-up and never give up. What happened in the past stays in the past and they focus on what’s ahead.


Like the ant, notable for its diligence and commitment to duty, we can learn from the Mosquito:

1. Know What You Want

I’ve always wondered how someone could be so bothered about a condition, but so unsure of what he/she really wants. You hear them say, I want money. But then, how much? They go blank!

No matter the condition, a Mosquito will go for blood and not milk.

You want a successful comeback, a breakthrough, a miracle, promotion or whatever is successful. But,

“What will happen to you now and you’ll say it’s a breakthrough, miracle, or good news? If you can answer clearly, then, you’re a step closer to victory.”

2. Go the distance

Every Prize has a Price. A Mosquito doesn’t feed at home. It flies to its food. It goes through tunnels, battles the wind, experiences near deaths and waits through the processes of arrival and reception.

If you are not willing to put in the time and energy, then, you’re simply a dreamer.

Any grace, talent, skills or strength you possess are useless if not utilized. It is at the point of labour that self-worth is assessed. Put in the work.

You may fake and claim big dreams. But you cannot fake the sweat of hard work.

Go the distance.

3. If You Seek, You’ll Find

I have patiently watched a particular mosquito hover around my bed in what I call the ‘Mosquito Dance’. It’ll hover around in different directions, act as if it’s no longer interested, but finds a perfect spot and waits just for the perfect opportunity. It finally returns to duty when it feels the coast is clear.

Other times, it just steps away few centimetres from the host, takes few leaps and comes back for more. I call these ones ‘the gladiators’. They just doesn’t give up.


Nothing is beyond your reach. They’re just beyond the reach of your sacrifice quotient.

If you stay focused and humble enough to pay the price, then you’ll have it. Read this:

“The LORD said, “If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them.” (Gen. 11:6)

Only God can stop a vision backed with unflinching faith. Once your heart, mind and hands have agreed to do it, it is no longer impossible.

So, dump your excuses and get to work. Grind until you see results!

4. It’s not over until it’s over

That’s a popular line. Mosquitoes will only stop sucking when they stop breathing. If you like, kill a million of them, if one is left, it’ll still suck your blood. Yesterday’s massacre won’t stop today’s victory.

That you’ve failed several times is not enough reason not to win today.


If you live for yesterdays, you’ll waste today and may never see tomorrow.

If these little creatures understand the very principles of surviving in a dangerous world and barely have friends except scientist like me who capture them for fun and experiments, just to kill them afterwards, how much more the beautiful soul you have.

Mosquitoes Don’t Give Up! Why Should You?

You are made of more. God loves you and has given you different levels of support: family, friends, and a society that won’t kill you at first sight like a mosquito.

We have a lot to be grateful for.

I encourage you today: keep moving forward and don’t give up. Pick up your gloves and get to work. Failure is not final and if these little creatures are undeterred by the mass killings around them, you have nothing to be afraid.

You may have lost a loved one. So did the Mosquito.

You may have laboured in vain. I’ve watched them try to gain access in vain.

You may have searched in vain. They’re practically extinct in many Western countries but won’t give up until the last one is dead on earth.

Don’t be discouraged. Don’t Give Up!


If you can read this post, you still have something left. Don’t Give Up.

I love you and would like you to share this post with a friend. Feel free to leave a comment and connect with me. I’ll be glad to help you though your darkest moments. Have a lovely day.



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