DOWNTIMES DON’T LAST. The Messi, Ronaldo, and Neymar Triology!

There are three major parts of any journey: the start, the middle and the finish. Right now, you’re midway. You set-off on the journey towards a Successful Comeback, but you’re having a downtime. You feel discouraged. The results are not forth coming and you’re cut between moving on and going back. Don’t worry! You’re still on course! Let’s look at the Messi, Ronaldo and Neymar Triology and see how we can move on after a downtime.

Remember this?

Neymar sustained a back injury during Brazil’s quarter-final victory over Colombia at the 2014 World Cup. Source:

Then this,

Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior admiring his gold medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Source:


I remember crying while watching Neymar’s tragic event in 2014. It felt like the end of a career. He was the hope of the Brazillian team. After his exit, Brazil went ahead to suffer it’s greatest defeat at a major event, swallowing a 7-1 defeat from Germany. But like all great athletes, there’s always a successful comeback!

One of the secrets of successful people is that they refuse to see two conditions. They’re blind to their pain and see it as PART OF THEIR SUCCESS.

That’s why they train, to conquer their pain!

So, instead of complaining, they work through the pain.

They’ve allowed their minds to streamline every incident as stepping stones to their set goals.

Downtimes therefore, are just part of the whole process leading to Your Success.

May be I’ll have to reverse my argument. What if you were Lionel Messi?

Messi poses with his Ballon d’Or trophies. Source:

Not too long after he celebrated his 5th Ballon d’Or, we saw him in court

Messi in court after he and his father were accused of defrauding the Spanish tax authorities in 2016. Source:


Don’t sweat it! Messi is still in the game.

So far, he’s had a not-so-successful 2016, with a bad outing at the COPA America 2016, but he’s still in the game.

Such tweets like “evaded tax” and “Messi is a fraud” are still current trends on Twitter, and one wonders how he copes with the constant beretting by fans and critics.

Yet, the much we know of him is his silent concentration on his game, doing the work, while we do the talking.

I hope not to be wrong with Merci. He has proven himself on the field, and more than anyone else, he has kept the flag long enough.

But the damage has been done. Beyond the stir is a recent dethronement.

FIFA just released its new rankings and Messi’s greatest contender has taken over the seat.

Cristiano Ronaldo is now leading the tables. He has had a long wait to prove his worth since his Ballon d’Or in 2008.

This year, his greatest breakthrough was at the Euro 2016 Championship, were despite a major injury at the finals, he led Portugal to victory.

Image result for Ronaldo's injury
Ronaldo suffers an injury as he collides with Payet at the Euro 2016 Finals. Source:

Unlike Messi, Ronaldo is another Neymar story. A long wait, an injury (suffering even emotionally from the regular Messi-Ronaldo contests) and a final victory.

Image result for ronaldo win euro 2016
Ronaldo lifts the trophy amidst his knee injury at Euro 2016 Championship. Source:

Today, Ronaldo not only stands as the best player by this ranking, but has redeemed himself, while working through his seeming downtime. He clinched other trophies while he waited for his biggest dream of becoming “the best player”!

But What if you were Messi? Will you give up?

 WINNERS cry, but they continue. They wail, but they work harder. They’re in pain, but they keep pressing forward. They feel discouraged, but they’re never dismayed.

I love the way Paul puts it:

“We are afflicted in every way, but not crushed; perplexed, but not despairing; persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed;” (2 Cor. 4:8-9)

Downtimes are as old as mother earth. But the successful have learnt to go through them with the same tools. It’s in your mind! The only true competitor is in your mind.

I hear people give tons of excuses on why they can’t reach their goals. They blame their scarcity and lack on those who’d gone before them. They feel they’re limited by “lack of opportunities”. So like the man by the pool for 38 years (John 5:1-9), they sing, “I have nobody”, or I’d paraphrase, “they’ve taken it all.”
What a shame!

Since you were born till date, Medical Doctors are graduating everyday. Lawyers graduate in their thousands from different Universities. Men and Women from different works of life have been in the trade and will always be. Yet, you never hear that a profession was closed down because the practitioners were so many.

Ronaldo never gave up on his quest because Messi has won it 5 times. No!

Stop allowing your mind to deceive you with the lies that you have competitors who always take your place.

The real competitor is your mind which keeps telling you the lies that you’re out-numbered.
It keeps showing you what everyone else can do, except what you alone were destined to become.

It keeps showing you how good your neighbours are and has never shown you these antennas. Like stars, all they need to do is show up. They have the unique ability to connect and draw as much information as your television requires…and this never ends.


The Messi, Ronaldo and Neymar Triology.

If Ronaldo stopped pursuing his goals because of his 5 year DOWNTIME, Neymar, Suarez or anyone else in line would have taken his place!

Dust your butts and get to work. If you commit to your dreams and pursue set goals, you’ll have a return for your labours. There’s so much more than your eyes can see or imagine, and God has promised to give you as far as your eyes can see.


If this post has inspired you, kindly share this post and inspire someone else to move from pain to gain. Also, feel free to tell me what you think. Let’s learn from each other. See you at the top!


Nnanna Uma.

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