Personal Development: He Asked For A Tip. I Gave Him 7!

Someone recently asked if I could share few tips on personal development and I said, “change your books”. Now, that looks like the one-piece-fixes it all solution. But, if you must make any meaningful progress from a sordid situation to an enviable one, you must consciously enhance what goes into your mind!

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But who still reads books?

In a world where we’re almost always on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Badoo and and pinging with our Blackberries, when do we have time to read and consciously improve our minds? Well, we do!



We’re a product of what we read, either as books or online resources through websites and social media posts. Right now, You’re reading!

We are the perfect examples of the gabbage -in/garbage-out millenial slang. For all it’s worth, you cannot spend your whole time as a student, reading the latest sports blogs and productively have much to write in a Science class text.

Your brain doesn’t just manufacture knowledge. It processes the information you feed it and gives it back to you as knowledge.


We read books, watch movies, listen to audios, read blogs like this and posts on social media.

We join groups (Religious, Political and Social) and chat with friends and family, who influence our thinking in more ways than one.

We never really know how much we change by the things we invest in our minds. But here’s an example:

You’re reading this post right now, and to a large extent, internalizing what you’re reading. By the time you’re through, you would have gained enough information for the knowledge on how to improve your mind through what you feed it.

Yes, you’ve been reminded that you learn by what what you read. So, you may now reconsider what you spend time reading, either as a book, or a social media post. More so, you can change what you think by changing what you feed your mind. So,

If you’re having financial challenges and would like to have a financial overhaul, read entrepreneaurial books, blogs or posts. Search for new opportunities around you.

There are tons of  opportunities around us everyday. But like it’s said, it waits for no one. We have to grab them!

Step out of your box and push the limits.

You can make a lot of genuine money online.

Many people you know buy and sell on Amazon. There are lots of Amazon Stores around you, owned by ordinary people you meet everyday.

Opportunities usually Disguise as problems. The ability to recognize opportunities makes a great difference between the winner and the loser” – Sam Adeyemi

I read his book Start With What You Have some years ago and this quote has influenced to a large extent how I see problems.

I strongly believe that anyone can move from pain to gain!

So, for a start, here are Quick and Successful Comeback Books I recommend. No matter where you are. No matter how dire the situation, these set of books can REBOOT your life and set you up to achieve much more than you lost:

  1. Power Thoughts

  2. Unlock Your Potential. Becoming Your Best You  Unlock Your Potential: Becoming Your Best You by [Munroe, Myles]

  3. Take The Risk Take the Risk: Learning to Identify, Choose, and Live with Acceptable Risk by [Carson M.D., Ben]

  4. Put Your Dream To The Test Put Your Dream to the Test: 10 Questions to Help You See It and Seize It by [Maxwell, John C.]

  5. A Better Way To Live 

  6. The Principles and Benefits of Change

  7. Lead: Proven Principles To Multiply Your Success At Any Level Lead: Proven Principles To Multiply Your Success At Any Level by [Adeyemi, Sam]

THAT’S IT! 7 BOOKS THAT CAN REBOOT YOUR LIFE. Just Click and get either a Kindle or a Hard copy! With a Kindle, all you need to do is download the book to either your computer or your mobile device. Is that simple.

Now these are just a bunch that I believe can empower you to gain from your pain, and set you on course towards rediscovering your true potentials, heal from your losses, heartbreak and disappointments.

I’ve had my share of pain and transition to gain. I can tell you authoritatively that you can if only you’ll allow God work out His purposes in your life, and the chief aim of the pain you feel is to remold you. So, go with the flow!

Change is Constant! To stay afloat, develope your mind to grow with the changes around you.

World changers read certain books😅. They consciuosly feed the mind as one would eat for nutrients.

Having said these, you need to read and internalize the information above.

Don’t pile up the books. Read them!

Reading will seriously damage your ignorance.

Wow! Let’s get to work!

I look forward to hearing from you on how you’re fairing. I’m certain you’ll not remain the same after feeding your mind. Feel free to leave your comments, share with a friend and look forward to more tips on your personal development.



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