The Psychology of Winning: Ask Usain Bolt!

There’s no doubt that our generation is blessed to watch Usain Bolt run and win severally. It’s not just the winning that’s amazing, but the attitude.

At the 2016 Rio Olympics, we’ve seen more of his cheerful spirit than ever. While he ran alongside his Canadian counterpart Andre De Grasse in the 200M Semi finals, he graciously slowed down towards the finish line and laughed with him, as if to say, “come on guy, we’re finishing this together”. 1024x1024

He did the same for his Nigerian counterpart Divine Oduduru.


Bolt is such an inspiration, leaving many to wonder what could be his secret.

Watch this Video

As I watched his 200M final race, I saw something.

Bolt understands the Psychology of Winning.

Notice how he laughs and jokes heartily. He melts the competitive spirit of other contenders and disarms them.



Bolt is phenomenal!


He plays on their minds, laughs with them and beats them hands down. 


The Winning Mindset laughs and plays, but always has the mind fixed on the goal.

But there’s more.

Bolt setup himself for victory.

Months before the Rio Olympics, he  featured in ads as the fastest man on Earth. But much more is the certainty they had about him.

Psychologically, he prepared the world to celebrate with him.

Each event leading to the races saw him as the winner. It was a psychological warfare…and he won.

However, we do not in anyway rule out Bolts preparedness for victory.

His Commitment to hardwork is epic

He knows that success is not an Accident. You pay the price for the prize you want.

Bolt understands the Psychology of Winning

1. He lets them think they’re all together and there’s nothing to lose.

2. He slows down and doesn’t give them much of an edge at the preliminaries. This reduces their tendencies to put up a stronger challenge.

3. At the finals, he leaves them behind, kills the smiles and goes for gold.

What a way to win.

He doesn’t just make his enemies to be at peace with him, but makes them celebrate with him.

I believe he has left us all with the greatest lesson of all –

Stoop to Conquer!

He could have come in and from the first race, destabilize everyone with an amazing new record. But his humble ascension left everyone in awe and his glory remained.


As with all forms of knowledge, Bolt has added to our catalogue, and much more. He has set up his own online store.

He just keeps breaking the records.

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Let’s go forth and bring in the trophies, with the assurance that the best is yet to come. Remember to share this with a friend and inspire someone today.




  1. I like this article. it really breaks down the competition mindset that many athletes have. The best thing about Bolt is that he knows when to turn it on when needed. Bolt is as much of a showman as he is a huge threat on the track. He excites the fans and, I agree, he makes his opponents feel just as much a part of the show. Even though it’s an individual sport, he brings everyone else along as if he’s the team captain. Very interesting athletes who’s fun to watch.

    • ‘The best thing about Bolt is that he knows when to turn it on when needed.’

      ‘…he brings everyone else along as if he’s the team captain.’

      You said it all Will. Usain Bolt is Phenomenol. I don’t just love him. I study him and he’s so dedicated to his goals that it’ll take a generation to break his records. However, a diligent student could learn from him and do much more. That’s why we write and inspire, hoping that we could learn and improve on different areas of our lives. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts Will.



  2. I was watching Bolt as well in Rio and it’s such an amazing thing to see.

    He could seriously jog the last few meters and still win. He is the definition of winning.

    And yes, it’s really cool to see how I can be so relaxed and go an laugh and cheer with other people just before a race.

    Do you think that there is ever going to be someone beating him? Maybe when he’s like 37 years old.

    • Hi Marcus, You’re quite favoured to have witnessed him run. I wonder how I’d feel watching him. Ecstatic! Bolt has not just made winning easy, but quite interesting. He has bridged the gap between heroes and their fans. I believe that with the studies on his secrets and discipline, someone someday will break his records. But that won’t be with him on the tracks since he’s retiring shortly.

      Thank you for stopping by.



  3. Hi Nnanna,
    What a great post, I enjoyed every second of it.
    My friend shared it on facebook and I’m glad I entered.
    Everything in life can be achieved with hard work, nothing comes easy.
    And Usain Bolt and many like him are the living proofs that it pays off.
    Love you writing.
    Keep the post coming 🙂

    • Hi Efi, thank you for your comment. Usain is such an inspiration. His commitment to his dreams is unmatched and his results are confirmations that when you put in the work, God honours your diligence. I’m glad your friend likes it too.
      My biggest desire is to have as many people as possible make the most of any situation, turning their pains into gain. We’ll stay committed to inspiring people. I hope to see you often.

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