Moving From Pain to Gain? Choose your Guide and Stay Close!

All You need is in a guide. If you stay close, you can always have a successful comeback. Elizabeth “Libby” Clegg makes this all look so simple.

The 26 year old Scottish Paralympic sprinter, who has represented both Scotland and Great Britain at international events, stretched the bands of partnership with a new record of 24:44 seconds, running alongside her guide runner, Chris Clarke. Libby is registered “blind”. She has a deteriorating eye condition known as Stargardt’s Macular Dystrophy disease. Under this condition, she has a slight peripheral vision in her left eye. Yet, she’s undeterred by this. She pursues her vision and purpose and has become one of the greatest Paralympic athletes.

After watching her set this new record,

Few things come to mind.

Since 2006, she has earned titles in the Paralympic games, IPC World Championship, World Games, World Cup, IPC European Championship and Common Wealth Games. She’s currently the IPC European champion. Her recent record of 24:44 seconds is incredible watching her run hand-in-hand with Chris.

Could there be lessons from this amazing partnership? Yes there are:

1. Libby is “registered blind”.
Her condition as with many people, is able to keep her down forever, limited from a great life.


But she chose to gain from her pain. I love the sound of it.

There’s always an option, if you try.

The Paralympics creates an opportunity for the handicapped to redeem their lives and give back to society despite their handicap. We have numerous opportunities to become anything we so desire, if only we try.

2. Libby is only blind without her guide.
As long as she has a guide, she’s not blind. By following ‘his’ lead, she’s bound to succeed. Your problem is never a problem. Your problem is the absence of the leverage you need to move beyond the problem.

Instead of talking about problems, ask, “how can I move on from here?”

3. Libby has had more than one guide.
You may think her success is tied to “the guide”. No! While the quality of guidance a guide provides is a necessary consideration, one can always find “a guide”, if you try. She split with her former guide, Milkhail Huggins in 2015

Libby with Mikhail. Credit:

and has done a great job with Chris Clarke, setting a new record. The problem is not the split. It’s in having “a guide”. She could have 100 guides in a year. but as long as she has a guide, and obeys the rules of partnership, she has a chance.

When you fail, try again. If your source of help dries up, find a new one.

Libby With Chris. Credit:

Do you remember the story of Isaac and his wells? (Gen. 26:18-22). It’s amazing.

He dug 3 times until he struck “His Rehoboth”.

Sometimes in life, you cannot succeed until you’ve proven your tenacity to manage the success.

All you need is help, not just a source. Change sources, if you may. But always find HELP!

4. Libby’s success is tied to her followership.
Watching her set the new record is amazing. She was blindfolded, despite her blindness. Yet, all she needed was to keep in step with her guide. God sends us guides as teachers, parents, friends, colleagues, bosses, spouses or mates. They are guides as long as they provide the help we need. Our success is tied to our obedience to the instructions given.

If Libby looked down on Chris
If Libby ran faster than Chris
If Libby stepped on Chris’ toes
If Libby stayed far from Chris
If Libby felt threatened by Chris
Her new record would have been impossible!!!!!

Think about this for a moment

If you go to the gym with a friend and follow the guidance of an instructor, your successes after 4 weeks of training will be dependent on how each of you obeyed the instructions given. One may turn out better than the other (for other reasons though). But it’s certain, that it would be because he/she followed instructions given. You may have to read How To Obey Instructions HERE!

Libby’s success is phenomenal. It reminds us that

it doesn’t matter where we at the moment, but that if we get the right help, we can always move from pain to gain.

We have lots of materials for helping you move from pain to gain on However, as with Libby, your success is tied to your submission and obedience to instructions given. Whether you’re at school, at home, in a relationship, in debt, depressed, heartbroken, betrayed, abandoned, guilty, ashamed, suicidal or at a loss of what do next just to keep your head above the waters of pain and failure, I have a word you.


Read You Messed Up! So What?

Change guides if you have to.
Try again and again and again if at first you don’t succeed.
But no matter what, KEEP MOVING FORWARD!

Setting her new record of 24:44. Photo Credit:

If Libby is doing it, though handicapped,



I look forward to celebrating your successful comeback in the nearest future.
I look forward to hearing testimonies of your progress and how you moved from Pain To Gain.
Feel free to leave a message. I encourage you to share this with a friend and inspire someone today.
Nnanna Uma.

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