From Pain To Gain- Ali bows for Garbine!

The 4th of June 2016 began like every other day, except that we woke up to hear of the death of Mohammad Ali (Cassius Clay), who died late last night. Yet, what began like a sad day has turned into a victorious evening for Garbine Muguruza.


There’s been a spiritual exchange today. The Legend, Mohammed Ali bows out in death, not just as a mortal, but the greatest sportsman, notable for his passion for sports and commitment to his beliefs in self-determination and freedom of the oppressed.

serena-williams-040214-ap-ftrjpg_txb9k1v73bwa12gqiqbwoxgwpAmazingly, Serena Williams, 1st all-time among women tennis athletes, bows out of the French Open after an unbelievable loss to Garbine Muguruza.

Garbine’s victory is the birth of a new generation. The birth of a new face to Women’s Tennis. The 22 year old has clinched on the waves today’s loss of the Greatest sportsman brought to our planet.


What’s more for the day?

To give our fears and pains to the wind of Change sweeping through each day.

One person’s loss is another’s gain.

She could have woken up today sulking.

She could have resigned to the possibility of a sad day because of the early morning news.

But she knew otherwise.

How my day begins doesn’t have anything to do with how it ends”

It’s settled. Ali bows out for Garbine…and the best is yet to come!


A sad day can always end with joy.

So cheer up, the best is yet to come!

This is a great lesson from the 2016 French Open Tennis Championship.

Keep your hands on the game and never give up! Your best is yet to come!

RIP The Great Ali.
Congratulations Garbine!

We watch, We learn, We’re inspired!

Keep pushing the limits and enjoy the rest of your day. Share the love and inspire a friend!



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