When We Know Why, What Happened Doesn’t Matter Anymore

Once again, Bishop T. D. Jakes throws in the coin. He challenges us to ascend The heights our changing experiences bring our way by moving beyond what happened to why it happened.

For me, this is awesomely liberating. God has a plan for our lives and that’s what really matters.

The past hurts and pains utterly challenge our drive to live.

There’s purpose in the Chase.

There’s purpose in your Pain.

God is looking at why it happened.
Whereas, we’re often stuck with what happened and that is not the problem at all.

You see,

To bake some cake, I’ll have to get my dough ready, throw it around, pound it, squeeze it and ultimately heat it up.

If the cake focuses on the process, it’ll certainly give up because of the PAIN!

But when it’s gone through the fire, WOW! It comes out delicious and steals the show at any event. Everyone will want a piece of the cake that’s gone through the whole process, allowing time, the expertise of the baker and the heat of the oven to turn it into an amazing delicacy.

Hold on dear

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God’s got your back, and your pain won’t be in vain.


Because, the PAIN will bring out the best in you.


Go through it.
Fight to stay in the heat and make sure you’re coming out better than you went in.


When your ‘why’ controls your ‘how’, everything becomes possible.

So, what is your why?

Why will you work harder? Why will you go the distance? Why will you endure the pain? Why will you press forward and withstand yhe storms?

Because of the glory ahead

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