How Can I Win My Parent’s Trust? That’s the question on the minds of many young people today. Perhaps, this quest for answers is more frustrating than the distrust. As a follow up to “Why Don’t My Parents Trust Me?” Here are 7 Smart tips on winning a Parent’s Trust.

1. Relax, Earn it and Don’t force it.

I know you’re already stressed with the persistent distrust. This can be quite frustrating.

However, you just have to relax. You see, your parents, just like you, have desires. They have their pressures, dreams, goals and aspirations.


Parents are entitled to their opinions. They have the right to trust or to distrust. So you have to be patient with the situation and Relax.

You don’t have to kill yourself or do anything silly to win their trust.


Trust comes naturally. As you do the following, it will come to you. Don’t force it.

2. Be More.

Here’s where the law of attraction comes to light. Have you ever wondered why people celebrate others while ignoring some? Sometimes, they celebrate what they value and ignore what is invaluable.

If you want to be celebrated,


A bad habit, an act of disobedience or challenging a parent’s authority could lead to distrust. Yet, you can turn around such situations if only you’ll decide to BE MORE!

frompaintogainquotes be more

So, watch your character and try to do things more differently.


3. Open Your Doors.

If they must trust you, then, they should get to know you more. Quit the shady deals and trust them with more details of your daily activities.

I know how it feels sharing your failures with someone, not to talk of your parents. But over time, I learnt to share the gory parts of my story with them. They may shout and get angry. But they will still be there for you.


Remember, if you want to make friends, you must be friendly. If you want your parents’ trust, give them yours.

4. Fail Forward!

This is a follow up. Trusting them can be disastrous. How dare you tell your dad that you gambled with your school fees? Who does that?

Many parents will be so pissed off. They could ground you, spank, shout and even refuse to give you more money.

If they finally do, it may be at a price. Your pocket money may have to divided.

Now that’s where you have a challenge.

I Recommend you Read “You’ve messed up. So what?”
You must not allow the failure to stop your project of winning their trust. If you must cry, do so. But don’t quit on the plan of winning their trust. Don’t run away.

Live with the pain and the shame. Learn from your mistakes by taking responsibility. That’s how you FAIL FORWARD!

No matter what happens, leave Your Parents with an impression that you’re focused on the future more than you are in your past.

5. Live beyond Trust.

Remember, Your goal was to win their trust.

You’re getting closer because,

  • You’ve relaxed to earn it without forcing it.
  • You’re becoming more of who you were destined to be.
  • You’ve opened your doors and most importantly,
  • You’ve learnt to fail forward.


Ignore the pursuit of earning their trust.

Great achievers keep their eyes beyond the finish line.


Work and Stay Focused. Your Payment Will Come.

At this point, you are becoming RESPONSIBLE! Trust is no longer an issue as you’re your greatest fan, happy seeing who you’ve become.

I did not consult you to gain your approval before writing this post. I was not overtly concerned with your approval before publishing it. I believe I am doing the right thing and your approval will only reassure me and not the other way round.

Friend, let your joy and sense of fulfilment be the New You.

Enjoy the New You and the World will Celebrate You.

6. Step Up And Start Living.

I’m happy you’re here.

The truth you were never told is that many successful people never had any support when they started off. That is life.

In an earlier post “QUICK COMEBACKS! 4 POWER-PILLS TO KEEP YOU MOTIVATED”, I shared Steve Job’s video where he talked about how he overcame distrust and betrayal, finally making a successful comeback with Apple. 

Most times, life throws a challenge at our greatest dreams with closed doors, but gives us a WILL TO OVERCOME AS OUR ONLY KEY TO FREEDOM.

If you do not show how much you want it, it may never come.

So, to live, you must not live for trust and appreciation but to create value. Your greatest dreams should be to make your environment better than you met it.

You should live for a course and die achieving it.

In the first post, I said that sometimes, the fault is not yours.

Some parents have personal battles hindering them from trusting their children

In this case, will you have to die in pursuit of their trust? No you don’t. Love life and create value. If you do, you will have many parents celebrating you from different parts of the world.

Let me ask you, who wouldn’t want to be Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo’s Parent, or Mark Zuckerberg, and other young entrepreneurs like Shiza or Chase? (See Full list of Forbes List of Under 30 Entrepreneurs Here)

Your major goal should be the conviction that you’re doing the right things. Perhaps, at this point, you have to become more responsible for your thoughts, words and actions.


7. What do you think?

I leave this point for you. How else do you think a child could win a parent’s trust? I believe you’ve made some efforts in the past. Feel free to share with me. Let’s learn from each other.

I’ve shared passionately with you and I trust you’re cut out for excellence.

When you do these, not only would your parents run to you, or not, but I am sure the world will come looking for you.

Feel free to leave your comments below and share this with a friend. You never know, you could save a life.



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