QUICK COMEBACKS! 4 Power-Pills To Keep You Motivated

You’re doing well. You’ve survived a great loss, picked up your pieces and moved on. But sometimes, you lack the zeal and passion to pursue your goals after a SET-BACK. Here are 4 Power Pills to keep you focused and motivated for QUICK COMEBACKS.

From my experiences, I’ve spotted four simple ways people can hold on through storms. If these are missing, holding on becomes practically impossible, and these help me to hold on in my storms.

1. A Clear Understanding that the Storms will eventually Cease.

This is a primary function in ensuring that we hold on.

Imagine the different storms and tornadoes that we’ve experienced in history. They came to an end. Even the greatest earthquakes have a lifespan.

The situation, no matter how dire, will someday come to an end. No matter the heat of the Sun, we’re certain that at Sunset, it will go down for a cooler evening, and this is quite reassuring.

This does not necessarily mean that a dead loved one will resurrect or your tiresome pain of a training session at the gym or academic pressures will reduce before the end of the session.


It means that


At this point, we’re prepared and pumped to wait for the next season. Therefore, we look at the experience and say,

“Hey, it was just a Phase. It’ll soon pass away”.

Pain is temporary


Without this knowledge deeply established on our minds, hanging on becomes very difficult.

2. A Greater Sense Of Purpose:

This entails looking beyond our present circumstances. As in a race, we press on not minding the cramps we feel, the gap between us and the finish line or the intimidation from our colleagues.


Here’s Steve Job’s amazing Speech on Quick and Successful Comebacks

We aim at the trophy and that’s all that matters. What happens to us does not define us in anyway.

No one turns into a scorpion from a scorpion’s sting. What we do after the sting is totally our choice.

Therefore, to go through the storm, we must look beyond it and remind ourselves that we are greater than the storm.

3. Have Faith on the other side of the Story:

We’re all writing a script. The question during our storms should be,

“when this storm subsides, what will be said of me? That I overcame as a Victor or I was crushed by the storm?”

This is our defining moment. We must see the future to possess it.

We endure the pain not because its not painful, but because we know that the joy we’ll have when it’s all over will be greater than the pain.

At this point, we must hold on, not to what is seen, but to the unseen.

I love my faith in Jesus Christ and His Word. I hold on to His promises knowing that He will “…repay (me) for the years the locusts have eaten—the great locust and the young locust, the other locusts and the locust swarm[a]—my great army that I sent among (me).” Joel 2:25


4. The Humility and Strength to hold on to Available Support

Why You Should Hold On

This is crucial. Many people sunk in storms because there was either no support, or they were unwilling and not humble enough to hold on to what was available.

I owe my survival to my loving family and the good friends and support God gave me through my storms.

We may not like the support. They may be too small or unrealistic enough to convince us of their support. But if we must survive, we must hold on to the little logs that float around us and get to shore.

Often  times, we lose great opportunities because we judge the source of the help available without little or no further considerations.

To stay afloat, we may simply need a piece of log, which at sea is an Angel but could  ordinarily serve as our firewood at shore.

Friend, I wish you could see the crowd waiting for you at the FINISH LINE.

Certainly, no one may really understand your pain. Yet, I encourage you to HOLD ON and Go through it. Keep the fire burning!

Don’t let anyone, anything, any force or power change who you were meant to be.

You hold those words that will change many lives.

You can rewrite your story, if only you’ll choose to hold on and WORK through your storm.

Therefore, while you wait, Work Harder and Prepare your speech, for certainly, the crowd is waiting. Hold on and have a beautiful day.

Don’t forget to share this with a friend, and let me know through  your comment how you feel about these tips.

More so, feel free to Share other ways we could stand through the Storms of life.



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