7 smart things to do when you are bored on the Computer

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Sometimes, using a computer can be boring. You just switch on your computer but you seem to be at a loss at what to do with it. Or, you have been up for a while, but has suddenly run out of what to do next, even though you do not feel like turning off your computer. I know the feeling…boring 🙂 But you can achieve much more as I will show you shortly.

Why do we feel bored on the computer?

Bored Man on a Computer Ibelieve like many other things, the feeling of boredom is not unique to computers. We can feel bored with using our phones, driving, watching TV, reading and almost anything.

We naturally feel bored because:

  1. We’ve become so used to the moment and wish to try something different. Change is a constant and a natural phenomena. We’d like a little change once in a while.
  2. We’re burdened with other things that the present activity can’t solve. There’s the tendency of escaping the reality of overwhelming situations, pain, distress or loss. So, we use activities to occupy our minds and use some distraction for the burden.
  3. We’re emotionally unsettled due to an illness or medication. Certain illnesses could lead to boredom and so do some medications.
  4. We need a higher motivation. This is deeper than just getting used to an event. Sometimes, we just need a little boost, illumination or phenomenal event.

These are 4 major reasons that could lead to boredom. The good news is that each of these can be overcome, and I’ll show you how in a moment.

But why bother?

Every time we spend on the computer could either be productive or destructive. Like every opportunity life presents, we could either maximize the moment behind these large screens or waste it.

However, while we seek to be productive, either by surfing, doing a research, a project, a design or spending time on the social media, there are times that we feel so bored, and

It is not wise, productive, and sensible to waste such good moments in boredom.

So, now we know that boredom itself is not unique to computers, I have listed 7 things you could do when you are bored on the computer.

  1. Sit up! Flex your muscles. nice-posture

Sitting over a Computer for a while can put a lot of stress on our shoulder and face muscles. So, you may have to sit up and adjust your posture.

Always remember that a bad posture is your number one enemy while sitting over a computer.

Your eyes can also grow dim having been stressed with the constant fixation on the screens. However,

  • Eye-ExerciseYou can reduce the brightness of your screen and/or
  • Exercise your eyes by looking at far objects beyond the computer.
  • Roll your eyes and look at different angles.
  • Gently rob your eye brows and go around your eyes with your index finger.

Also, exercise your shoulders by rolling them in different directions (up and down/front and back). These are simple but short exercises that can alleviate the stress in minutes.

  1. Drink Some Water.

A glass of water can perform great wonders. Black-Woman-drinking-waterIt calms the nerves and reduces pressure. It can re-energize the body and help you regain your concentration. Depending on your body temperature, you may either have a cold or warm drink. In this case, you can make use of a cup of tea or coffee.

  1. Remember your goals and deadlines.

We are creatures of purpose. WhyAmIHere_Banner-003Each time we lose sight of our purpose, passions, goals and aspirations, we descend to the levels of despair and are swept around by the waves of unwanted circumstances.

A passionate life, filled with goals and aspirations, has little time for boredom. Perhaps, you’ll have to reopen the books.

Remember what you set out to do for the day, week, month and even the year.

REMEMBER YOUR DEADLINES. These could be things you must do at certain times. This will suddenly push you out of boredom.

  1. Go through Your Work. evaluate-your workTake a look at what you were doing on the computer. Is it completed? Do you have the feeling of satisfaction at a good job? Will you recommend yourself to anyone for the same services? May be you need to edit the work, redesign and do something different. This will suddenly dispel your boredom.
  2. Put your burdens in perspective. An overwhelming loss can make mockery of every suggestion above. How does the bereaved, ill depressed or heartbroken concentrate on the computer? How do you live at the moment beyond your loss? From my experience,

You have to put your Burden in Perspective.past

This means that you have to keep your pain where it belongs. Right now, you are deep in your work on the computer. The Pain occurred in the past. LEAVE IT THERE!!!!!!!!! THAT’S WHERE IT BELONGS!

  1. Check up what others are doing. If for any reason your pain stubbornly refuses to hit the exit, well, you could use a little jealousy. Visit some sites or friends’ pages. You could discover what someone else is doing.

You may be surprised to find out how your mates are succeeding despite similar OR WORSE circumstances.

 Auge starrt durch Papierloch

I love looking at and reading about how people succeed even under similar misfortunes. I’ve gone through a heartbreak, so, my best motivators are those who are succeeding despite their heartbreak.


  1. Seek out new online opportunities. Surfing ONLINE can be likened to taking a walk down the streets. You can do some window shopping and get to master your neighbourhood. affiliate-marketingDon’t be surprised that you could have been living in a neighbourhood of awesome opportunities.

That’s how it is with online opportunities.

What do you know about online marketing? Huh?! Sounds like a SCAM! Hahahaha, that’s the feeling I had the first time I read amazing testimonies from affiliate business owners. How could a couple of hours daily bring in tons of cash? That’s amazing!!!!

I’ve joined a number of affiliate marketing companies and my experience was that they didn’t have the needed training to make money as they claimed and the up sales were running in thousands of dollars.

How fair is it to take all the food a hungry person has, all in a bid to help him or her? That’s robbery!

Today, I am a Wealthy Affiliate entrepreneur and my experience has proved it to be #1 Affiliate Marketing Programme online.

I am not just creating wealth, but have none of the feelings of robbery I had in other programs (Read more).

So friend, with these ideas, your days of boredom while on your PC are over.

I trust you’ll increase your turn-overs and maximize your opportunities online.

I wish you all the very best and would ask you to share this with a friend and leave your comments below. I will be glad to answer your questions and help you make the most of your time online.



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  1. Hi Nnanna,
    Wow – I get bored in front of the computer and TV! Thanks for the great tips about standing, stretching, drinking water and relaxing my eyes. I have a “cubicle” day job and spend up to 8 hours a day in front of the computer screen. I need a new eye glasses prescription every year! After work I sit in front of the TV to not think about work, or the other things I have to do. So, making a list of things I have to do and checking them off sounds like a great way to break the cycle. These are wonderful tips. I’ve bookmarked your website for future reference. Thanks so much!

    • Hello Alyssa,

      The beautiful feeling of knowing that your post helped someone is indescribable. I am pleased to here that you enjoyed the post and have taking the tips to heart.

      I spend a lot of time on my computer and my phone too, and these tips have made it a lot easier. How I wish I knew these many years ago. I would not just have maximized my time, saved my eyes but also earned online by maximizing my opportunities.

      However, I am sure it’s never too late to do right thing as the Chinese would say, “The best time to plant your tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is today”

      Thank you once again, and do visit again.



  2. Great tips! And you are right; sometimes people do the mistake to sit in front of the computer even so they are boring, just because they are used to it! Just forget to think!

    But I start wondering because the tip number one. A lot of people sit wrong in front of the computer, for example with the wrong size of the chair on board, even so laptop are not incorrect height. I love your work and I believe it’ll inspire more people on how best to maximize their time on the Computer.

    • Thank you Johnn. You’re so right with your observations. The fact is that many times, we’re so carried away by the work at hand that we fail to take care of ourselves. We sit wrongly,strain our eyes and fail to rehydrate when necessary. I trust that the aim of writing this article will be achieved. I hope to see more of you soon.



  3. Although computer have many uses and can be very beneficial when it comes to finding some helpful sources, I am not a big fan of computer. Since I’m a blogger, I cannot avoid using computer, but if I wasn’t a blogger, I’d try to avoid it as much as possible.

    And I used to work at an office using a computer all day and I remember hating it so much. Even though, I worked really hard and excelled but wasn’t a big fan of my job. But what helped me was to just remain focused and get my work done and not think about anything else. So once I got ahead and thought if I can take a break, I’d usually go and walk around and just chat with other co workers on their cubicles. I think that kept my brain feeling refreshed.

    • Hi Joon, I’m pleased to have you here. you’re so right, and this is the beauty of sharing ideas; they just keep growing. It’s so wise to have a break, walk around and gain some perspective. Thank you once again and I’ll be pleased to have to share more tips on how to maximize the borring moments behind the computer.



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